EngageOne Editor does not save HIP following editing freeform text fields

Product Feature: Interactive Editor (ActiveX)
When entering text in editable containers using Active X in EngageOne® Server, it's possible that any text entered might not be saved when submitting the template.

This would produce an error as the HIP file was not saved to disk so that it could be uploaded to the server. This has been corrected by a change that occurred between version 6.0.1978 and 6.0.1986.

The change addresses the way files are handled and saved out of the ActiveX editor. therefore as long as your ActiveX editor is greater that version 6.0.1986 the missing HIP file issue should not occur.

Please note that the version of Active X and EngageOne Generate in use by EngageOne Server
 should be the same or later than the version of EngageOne Designer used to create the template.
UPDATED:  August 9, 2018