IndividualValueTheme line of code never completes (or takes a long time) when running it on large data (700,00+ geometries) in MapXtreme

UPDATED: October 31, 2017

This is a product limitation in MapXtreme. The thematic creation with large number of geometries (especially with RDB tables) can see performance issues as MapXtreme will iterate through all the geometry for a particular column to create the distinct bins. Using a native TAB file does not seem to display the same performance issues since calls to the database are not being made.

An alternative way to create thematics, especially Individual Theme on data having a large number of geometries, is to cache the SQL or Oracle table into a native format by specify caching. This will create the cache in a native format so the rest of the mapping operation will be executed on the native cache.

It is also possible to break the dataset into smaller meaningful datasets and try to apply IVT, as it is unlikely that all 700,000 geometries will be displayed at any one time.

Please feel free to enter an enhancement request through our Ideas Portal so that Engineering can look into changing this limitation in a future release.

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Products Affected:  MapXtreme,


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