How to populate the Mail.dat Field Code CCR-1002 with the 2-byte codes for Incentives, Contents, and Fees using MailStream Plus

Products affected:  MailStream Plus™
Product Feature: Populating Mail.dat files

Operating System: All Platforms

The CCR-1002 field gets populated for each type of code, but you need to use a PA INF parameter with the correct INF subkeyword-
Incentives MDICID
Contents   MDMLCT
Fees       MDFEID

There is a chart in the USPS Mail.dat Technical Specs doc.  The current one is located here-

Locate this table :  "Component Characteristics Record – CCR "
This table shows which of the three types each 2-byte code is.

For more information please refer to the MailStream Plus™ Guide, see the PA INF parameter, and the Report Information Fields table in chapter 2.  The Guide is available at

FYI- For more information about the promotions each year, Google like "usps 2019 promotions"
To find the specific 2-byte codes for each promotion Google the year and name of the promotion, and the USPS will have a doc that gives the requirements, etc, and the code to use.
UPDATED:  March 18, 2019