How to find a list of the USPS Redirect facilities for use with MailStream Plus

Is there a table/database that has a list of the USPS Redirect facilities?
MailStream Plus has programmers that write software programs to read and find the redirects from the USPS tables in the Mail Direction File or Mail Direction File v2.  Those are the files that contain all of the USPS information for Redirects that are used to populate the locale keys in the Maildat csm file. These are available on the USPS fast site (Facility Access and Shipment Tracking (Fast) ) -
Or on  screen, you can go to this document –
And then to this site –
Choose < Go > to the right of Reports, then choose < Go > to the right of Mail Direction Search.
Then use the document above to know exactly how this site works.
Here you can find redirect information about individual USPS information.

The information above is current as of Aug. 2015
UPDATED:  August 7, 2017