MailStream Plus - What are the Mail.dat preferred naming conventions for mail.dat files

File Naming Conventions

Regardless of the technique chosen for Mail.dat® multi-file transmission, it is necessary to accurately identify whole and the constituent files. Therefore, the following naming conventions will apply for each Mail.dat® and the files therein:

The specific file names consist of up to 8 characters plus a 3-character file-specific extension. Example: ABCD1234.hdr

The same root (i.e. file name prefix) must be used across all files within the same multi-file transmission. Example: XYZ123.hdr, XYZ123.seg, XYZ123.mpu, etc.

It is recommended, but not required, that the file name prefix should begin with your User License Code (4 characters) followed by a File Set ID (4 characters) that is a unique identifier within a licensed user’s jobs for the last 12 months. Standard practices for how to format the file name prefix, if any, should be arranged by mutual agreement between the sender and receiver of the files.

UPDATED:  September 15, 2017