Setting position 166 (Automated Zone Indicator) of the inkjet file using in MailStream Plus

Product Affected:  MailStream Plus™
A job is run with the MailStream Plus July USPS Reference files and then the same job is run again with the Aug USPS Reference files.
In the 360 byte inkjet file information position 166, some records in the July file have a B in position 166 of the inkjet part of the output file.
The same job run with the Aug. USPS Reference files with the same everything, now some records get a C or D in position 166 of the inkjet part of the output file.
These records both had Auto as the Rate marking and Auto in the OEL.
Inkjet file layout
Position 166    A Automated Zone Indicator:
  • A, B Automated Zone
  • C, D Non-automated Zone
Here is an example starting in pos 166 where the value is D –
DEAUTO    *******AUTO**SCH 5-DIGIT 00920
How is this position 166 of the inkjet file is supposed to work?
This field is being set based on Indicators the USPS provides in the City State file which specifies which is used when created merged containers of 5DG and Carrier mail In Standard and Periodical Flats.  So, with a change in the USPS Reference files, you could see changes in this field.
In the DMM under 705.10 and DMM 705.13, the presort logic is based or A or C and B or D.  These values are posted back to the inkjet file to capture this information whether it pertains to the presort or not.
UPDATED:  May 13, 2019