How Extractcollisions works

UPDATED: October 18, 2017

From the Vault Customizing Guide

Resource extraction


AFP print streams often contain inline resources such as fonts. Vault provides a way to

automatically extract these resources during the compression step of the load process.


The ExtractResources profile setting lets you specify a target path where the resources should

be extracted. Normally this is a relative path to a resource set in the server\distrib directory. If

this option is not specified, no automatic resource extraction occurs.


The ExtractCollisions profile setting lets you specify how the extraction process deals with

existing resource:


- If a resource with the same name already exists in the target directory and

ExtractCollisions=0, the extraction will be skipped leaving the existing resource.

- If ExtractCollisions=1, the new resource will replace the existing resource.

- If ExtractCollisions=2, the extraction process will compare the new and existing resources.

- If the resources do not match, the extraction process will fail with an error. This is useful

for detecting situations where resources associated with multiple job would conflict at

rendering time.

- The default setting is ExtractCollisions=1.

The ExtractCollisionsIgnoreFormdef profile setting is used in conjunction with


- If the extraction process detects that a resource is a form definition and does not match

an existing resource, normally it will fail the extraction.

- If you set ExtractCollisionsIgnoreFormdef=1, it will ignore the conflict and continue.

- The default is ExtractCollisionsIgnoreFormdef=0.







In this case, resources will be extracted to a resource set labeled “rs201307”. The extraction

process will look for and report conflicts. If conflicting form definitions are found, it will

ignore them.

Environment Details

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