How to move code from one version of Paramics to another

UPDATED: April 12, 2017

We so far seem that the V3 programmer API and the new V4/5 programmer API are significantly different however this does not mean that you cannot run your existing V3 plugins in v4/5. The migration process is very simple you don't have to re-write a single line of code.

To migrate an existing V3 plugin to V4/5 you will need to re-compile after you make the following minor adjustments:

1.Include the v4 API header file called programmer.h; this replaces the need to include api_user.h, plugin.h, and truefalse.h, in pre v4 plugins.

2.Add api_dllentry.c and api_oldnames.c to your project or makefiles, which can be found in the 'include' directory.

3.Add '#define QPV3_TYPES' at the top of each of your plugin C files before any #include statements

4.On Win32, change your project settings to include modeller.lib and simcore.lib for plugins you wish to use GUI or graphic elements with or just simcore.lib for projects with no GUI/graphics elements i.e. those you may use with Processor rather than Modeller.

A worked example for migrating from V3 to V4/5 is provided with the programmer examples shipped in V5.

Note - Please refer to the programmer user guide for this information for version above V5.


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