Confirm - Is it Possible to Perform a Fixed Price Rateable Uplift?

Product Feature: Non-routine Maintenance


A customer wants to be able to use a Fixed Price addition SOR item of £20.63 as opposed to a Percentage (%) uplift.

For example in looking to set Price Factors for 24hr emergency jobs, to increase they add an SOR Item to the Price Factor in question. They want to be able to use a Fixed Price addition of £20.63 as opposed to a 'percentage' (%) uplift. Is this possible?


This is not possible. A fixed price SOR Item cannot be automatically added as an uplift item. It is clearly mentioned in the Help file that: 

"Enter or select from the pick list, the default percentage item to be added to Order Jobs. The pick list references all 'Percentage' type SORs".

The alternative method is to create an SOR item and add it in the Contract BOQ then add it separately in the Job. 
UPDATED:  March 23, 2017