Learn to know the assignment of vehicles in Paramics

UPDATED: June 15, 2017

Paramics is an assignment based micro-simulation tool, which uses zones to release trips onto the network. Each individual vehicle then routes through the network in a dynamic manner. Each vehicle stores only the destination zone (and Carpark if applicable) and the next two route choice points (decision points) that it will travel through. In this way the vehicles routed through the network can be influenced as it progresses in two ways:
- Static elements such as VMS Beacons where diversion signs or route recommendations can be transferred to vehicles when they link pass a VMS Beacon.

- Dynamic elements such as dynamic feedback provides route choice information direct to all appropriate vehicle regardless of their position in the network.

With regards to routing as each vehicle knows which exit it is taking at the next two decision points in the network. A decision point is a node that contains more than one route choice decision i.e. more than one viable exit. For example this might include a four way intersection but not include a three arm priority intersection where the incoming arm on one way. When a vehicle is generated (released onto the network) it builds a path to its destination zone. In the process of doing this, it uses the Route Cost Tables to determine the lowest cost route (or lowest perceived cost route) to the destination.

The two immediate downstream links are displayed for a vehicle using the Vehicle Tracer tool at path "Properties -> Journey -> Links display".


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