How to programmatically alter a text frame on a LayoutDesigner MapBasic 64 bit

How to programmatically alter a text frame on a LayoutDesigner. We don't want to change the font or position or anything else, just the string.

In Pre-12.5 layout window,an underlying table [WindowInfo(WindowID, WIN_INFO_TABLE)] can be manipulated like any other table. However the LayoutDesigner doesn’t have one.

This capability has been added into MI Pro 12.5.2 (and plus):

The paragraph from the release notes that adress this:
"Altering Text frames in Layout Designer windows
MapBasic programs can now alter text frames from Layout Designer windows. The Alter Designer Text
statement, which originally worked only on Legend Designer windows, can now be used on Layout
Designer windows as well. The MB Syntax is has not changed. But it now supports text frames in the
Layout Designer.
The following statement can be used to alter the text string, font style, or text position.
Alter Designer Text
[ Window window_id ]
[ ID textframe_id [
[ Text frame_text ]
[ Font... ]
[ Position ( x, y ) [ Units paper_units ] ] ] ]
If users omit the Window clause, the statement operates on the front most open window, or the frontmost
Legend Designer window, or the frontmost Layout Designer window.
UPDATED:  April 4, 2017