How to setup the WMS server in MapXtreme .NET

UPDATED: August 2, 2017

MapXtreme® can be setup as a WMS server. Here are the configuration steps to be done after MapXtreme has been installed:
  1. Create new folder (for example testWMS) and copy the Web.config and WMSSample.xml file provided with the MXT x.x installer into this folder.
  2. Edit the web.config
    1. Change the tag  <add key="configFile" value="C:\testWMS\WMSSample.xml" /> to reflect the folder name created above
    2. Uncomment the <system.webServer> part at the end of the file (if the application pool is going to be used in Integrated mode)
  3. Edit the WMSSample.xml
    1. Change the OnlineResource tag to reflect the folder name and also change the port number if not using the default port 80. <mxp-wms:OnlineResource>http://servername:port/testWMS/GetMap.ashx</mxp-wms:OnlineResource>
    2. Placeholder MYPATH should be changed to the actual path of the map data in <TABFileDataSourceDefinition>
  4. Go to folder properties for testWMS folder and add IUSR via the Security tab.
  5. In IIS Manager, add a new website and choose the folder testWMS as the physical path. If using a different port number, add it (has to match the port specified in WMSSample.xml file)
  6. Set the identity to ApplicationPoolIdentity and .Net version to 4.0.
  7. Browse the new website, the folder contents should display in the browser
  8. Browse http://servername:port/testWMS/GetMap.ashx?REQUEST=GetCapabilities&SERVICE=WMS&VERSION=1.3.0  This should open the WMSSample.xml in the browser.
These additional permissions could help:
  • In IIS Manager, , highlight the site added for WMS. In the Features pane, open the “Authentication” icon. Enable Authentication for Anonymous user.
  • Go to folder properties  of testMWS and share the folder via the sharing tab. Also add Anonymous user to the list via Advanced Permission
These should be verified if error occurs:
  • Launch Workspace Manager both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions
  • Open Windows Services and check if MILicensingServicexx is running
  • Open Administrative Tools->Component Services and check if MapInfo.CoreEngine x.x is registered and shows in the list
  • In IIS Manager, check if the ISAPI and CGI restrictions at the system level is set to “Allowed”
  • Add localhost to trusted sites in browser.
  • Try accessing http://servername:port/testWMS/GetMap.ashx?REQUEST=GetCapabilities&SERVICE=WMS&VERSION=1.3.0 via different browser. If additional error details are shown, they could provide a clue.
  • Add the folder testWMS as a virtual directory in IIS Manager and give Anonymous login permissions to it.  
  • After the website has been added in IIS manager, any changes to the testWMS folder files should be followed with an iisreset.

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