How to find Oracle Guidance for Configuing the MapInfo User in Confirm

Product Feature: Mapping
Confirm uses the 'mapInfo' user to create the MAPINFO.MAPINFO_MAPCATALOG table and so the 'mapInfo' user needs permissions to:
  • Create the table
  • Create a unique index
  • Grant privileges to the table (meaning it's privileges will need to be implemented with the ADMIN option)
  • The 'mapInfo' user -does not- need permissions to create / drop views

The Confirm user (otherwise put the schema user that owns the Confirm schema) needs permissions to:
  • Create and drop views
  • It should automatically get the necessary permissions to the MAPINFO.MAPINFO_MAPCATALOG table because Confirm grants necessary 'public' access to this table while acting as the mapinfo user
UPDATED:  September 29, 2017