Unable to log into EngageOne : setting up LDAP User information

Product Feature: Enageone Server

If the EngageOne Server was originally set up with the LDAP as an explicit name and now it has changed, the config-setting.xml (bootstrap config file) will have to be changed.  See sample below:

config-setting.xml, look for the following:
   <value>cn=e o. manager,cn=users,dc=mneoqa1,dc=com</value>
LDAP.Naming.Context = LDAP Naming Context and LDAP.User = LDAP User DN 
Keep in mind that there is no single "correct" LDAP setting. It just have to match your LDAP implementation...In your LDAP.User, you have OU as value and there is * in there.  Please try to remove it and let us know how the outcome is.
For additional information, see Documentation EngageOne 3.1 Administration Guide - System Administration: LDAP Configuration.  
UPDATED:  April 5, 2017