MailStream Plus What is the maximum number PA INF PUBLNM the cards available before the limit is exceeded?

The 30000 TABLSZ P ATTR max is a combination of the total of P ATTR and PA INF parameter in the Parm File this is a current limitation bases on the way the P ATTR and PA INF are handled within MSP. The total of 30000 table positions available with TABLSZ P ATTR are because the P ATTR and PA INF are one Parameter file that work together. The TABLSZ INF are built for ONLY EP INF, RP INF and BATINF. 

NOTE: The reference guide for MailStream Plus mentions we recommend that you do not use TABLSZ P ATTR to manually control the size of the P ATTR table, and instead let MailStream Plus control the table’s size.

UPDATED:  September 15, 2017