How to install install Paramics Version 6 alongside Version 5

UPDATED: April 12, 2017

This is a first draft for a dual install solution that will enable Paramics users to have both full installs of Paramics V5 and V6. We would appreciate you providing us with feedback or informing us of any problems with this knowledgebase article. The historic support addon works in most cases but will not allow users to use Estimator, Ceejazz or Azalient plugins. This workaround is by no means flawless but will make it fairly simple to switch between full installs.

We first assume you have a fresh system, i.e. you have…
-    Uninstalled ALL versions of Paramics (including historic support)
-    Deleted ALL Paramics directories

Installation and Configuration:-
1. Install Exceed and Exceed 3D if you have not already

2. Install the latest version of Paramics 6 (reboot)

3. Copy your PARAMICSHOME Environmental Variable (right click my computer -> properties -> advanced tab -> Environmental Variables -> System Variables -> PARAMICSHOME) and save the path in a notepad text file.

4. Install Paramics 5.2.2 (reboot)

5. Note that Estimator has not changed within 5.2.2 since 5.1, do not be fooled by the version number in the title bar if you test it.

6. Copy the PARAMICSHOME environment variable again, this time it will represent 5.2.2, save it in a text file.

7. Download and unzip batch_start.zip and read the contained instructions. Both batch files need to be edited and amended to have the paths you copied in steps 3 and 6.  They are then copied to the relevant Paramics directories and shortcuts can be made to the desktop. These batch files allow the user to start and stop Paramics V6 or V5 from a command prompt using the correct environmental variable. Alternatively you can manually change the environment variable PARAMICSHOME before using V6 or V5 (more info on this in troubleshooting below).

User-added image

8. You should now be able to run Paramics V5 from both the start menu or the shortcut entries and V6 only from the shortcut menu.

Q. I can't get the batch files to run.

A. The batch files are not necessary, they were tested to run on Windows XP but ultimately they just temporarily set the Environmental Variable PARAMICSHOME in order to successfully launch Paramics. Without the batch file you would set your environmental variable to your V5 program directory (usually c:program filesparamicsv5) to run V5. To run V6 you would edit PARAMICSHOME to be your paramics data directory, this is not your program directory and you will have been prompted to pick your data directory when installing V6. You can find your data directory by using the support shortcuts in the V6 start menu.

Q. I can't get Paramics V6 to install, it says it is already installed.

A. If you have an error stating that you cannot install a particular version of Paramics then it is likely you have not uninstalled all versions correctly. If all else fails please contact support and we will assist in clearing your registry of the offending items. Let us know specifically what versions are installed and what the error says.

Q. Will I be able to run Azalient plugins? 

The batch files will temporarily set the PARAMICSHOME environment, as v5.2.2 was the last to be installed it should run correctly both via the batch files and the start menu. It should also now work correctly with Azalient plugins. Note that V6 will no longer run from the startmenu unless you manually change the environmental variable as discussed earlier.


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