Problems starting Paramics - Troubleshooting Guide

UPDATED: March 29, 2017

There are a number of reasons why Paramics may not be starting correctly and we would suggest going through all the troubleshooting points in this article to ensure the issue is not a known problem.

1. Supported Operating systems. Note that Paramics is only supported on Windows XP and Vista.

2. If using v5 or lower of Paramics then Exceed is required to run the software. Version 7 or above of Exceed is required to use Paramics.

3. To ensure Exceed is correctly installed and configured please see the following kbase:

4. Ensure the license file you have is in date (license.dat may be opened in a text editor and the field 'This License Will Expire' needs to be valid.

5a. If the license is not in date then the latest license can be downloaded from the Software itself:
You will need your Customer Account number to do this, to get this log on to our Customer Area, if you do not have an account then please contact support at
Once logged in the Customer Account number is on the right hand side of the screen:

"Logged In

User: xxx
Company: xxx
Customer Account No: 9999"

With the customer number, open Modeller and go to the Help/Support Centre/License then click the 'Update Now' button. 

5b. Alternatively you can download the license from the Customer Area of the website under the Licenses link by pressing the button 'Click Here to Download Company License'

6. Ensure the license is in the correct location. The file needs to be in your PARAMICSHOME directory. To check the setting for this environment variable go to My Computer and access the Properties. Under the Advanced tab there will be a link to Environment variables. In this list there should be an entry for PARAMICSHOME. The directory listed for this variable is where the license file needs to be located.

7. Ensure your HASP key matches an entry in the license file. To check the HASP key id go to Start/Programs/Paramics/Tools/HASP Utility. Click Yes to the confirmation message and then click the Check Hasp button. A Key ID will be presented on the right side of the screen, this is a string of numbers and letters. Ensure this key is listed in the content of your license file.

8. If you are running the Historical version of Paramics then the problem may be the drivers used by the HASP key. The simplest way to resolve this is to install both of the drivers.
Go to
and download/install HASP SRM Run-time GUI Installation  
Go to
and download/install HASP Device Driver GUI Installation (HDD32)  

9. Ensure no other HASP key is in conflict with the Paramics HASP key

If you are still having problems after trying the above steps then please contact us at send an email with details of the problem and your license file.


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