MailStream Plus, Shipping Services File (SSF) has a couple of incorrect values when doing a First-Class Parcel *eVS* mailing

For example- 
Header Record – position 003-003 should be a 1 for eVS
Detail 1 position 287-291 must be 20260 for eVS

There are 4 types of the SSF file:
‘1’ - Postage & Tracking File, used for electronic Verification System (eVS).

‘2’ - Tracking File, used for USPS Tracking/Signature Confirmation and other extra services or Scan Base Payment File.

‘3’ - Returns Service, used for Returns Services.

‘4’ - Corrections, used for Corrections. 

MailStream Plus (MSP) only supports Shipping Services File type 2, which is the 'Tracking File' format.  eVS is file type 1.
A request for MSP to support other SSF file formats besides type 2 would be an enhancement request.  There is another Knowledge Base article about submitting enhancement requests.
UPDATED:  April 12, 2017