Propagating Hazards in Paramics

UPDATED: October 5, 2017

Vehicles are only able to Carry one Lane range set by one Hazard / Signpost. The only exception to this is the ability of a Hazard to be propagated upstream past a 'Widening Hazard'. In order to propagate a Hazard past a 'Widening Hazard', the 'Signpost' value must be set to the maximum and the 'Signpost' range set to 0.

In the following example, the 'Signpost' distance for link 10: 6 is set to a value larger than the length of the link and the 'Signrange' is set to 0. The propagation of the Signal Hazard is applied to the link 8:10 where the 'Signpost' distance and 'Signrange' are appended to the 10: 6 signpost attribute.

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