How to execute deliverDocument web service on a template version in EngageOne

'deliverDocument' Web service can be used to produce the output based on 'delivery option' and 'template'. Template can be referred either by name or unique identication code (ID).

Template name can be easily known from EngageOne Admin but for ID associated, another web request needs to be launched. 'searchTemplates' needs to executed prior to know the ID. 

Refer attached 'searchTemplates' response. ID of version 2.0 of template "test\MAIF_CA_Forms" is 523.

'deliverDocument' can be called with the ID, rather than the name, for the template required and results can be obtained for specific version of template. By default latest version ( most recent) is always executed if 'deliverDocument' is referred based on Template Name.
UPDATED:  November 15, 2017