What does the hotfix 3 for Portrait Dialogue 6.1 cover?

Portrait Dialogue (PD) 6.1 Hotfix 3

NOTE: This hotfix replaces HOTFIX 1 and 2 (Build and
Bug fixes
This hotfix includes the following bug fixes
HOTFIX 1 & 2
   TFS-31171: Guided Dialogue activating/deactivating branches - too many branches affected
   TFS-33729: Message merge: "Look a head" functionality for determining data fields in template does not look at nested selections
   TFS-33736: Field definitions are reinitialized when reopening datasets
   TFS-33737: Unnecessary database call to get customer data when merging template with selection
   TFS-33833: Dialog Server: Memory leak upon initialization of dialog execution tasks
   TFS-33863: Dialog Server: Too much data included in customer container SQL (introduced in hotfix
   TFS-33783: Set category operation fails if the category tech name is used in more than one domain
   TFS-33424: Set category operation: No validation of min./max. values for a scoring category
   TFS-33611: Problem with links not being tracked when using "View in browser"
   TFS-33725: Invalid XML characters in link tracking links cause posting logs from MHWU to Dialogue Server to fail
   TFS-33830: Thumbnails does not work if the message template has a CustomSQL
   TFS-33831: Creating thumbnail of message templates may fail because saving has not yet completed
   TFS-33835: Dialog execution tasks observed to stay in "unprocessed" state
   TFS-33925: Count property OutputMessages in output channel plug-ins returns -1
   TFS-33927: Participant may enter wrong branch in divide operations under special circumstances

Installation instructions
This hotfix applies to environments running PD 6.1 (Build, or only.  The hotfix cannot be installed with PD 6.1 Beta releases.
Note: If you want to have a backup of the current files, please do not rename the files but make copies of them instead.

Dialog Server
  1. Uninstall Portrait Dialogue Server (reboot if prompted).
  2. Refresh system data using the RefreshSystemData program and data found in the SystemData hot fix folder.  Details on refreshing system data can be found in the Portrait Dialogue Server Upgrade Guide.
  3. If running multiple PD instances, step 2 must be executed for each instance.
  4. Install new Dialogue Server by running Portrait Dialogue Server Setup found in the root hot fix folder.
  5. Reboot.

Web Server
  1. Replace the files in the <Million Handshakes Web>\MHWU\ folder with the files found in the MHWU hot fix folder.

No further configuration is required.
UPDATED:  April 28, 2017