How to use MailStream Plus with other containers besides Pallets (rolling stock, APC (All purpose containers)) and what about the value in CSM-1005?

The USPS provides many alternatives to using actual pallets. But MailStream Plus (MSP) will only put trays/sacks/bundles onto 'pallets'. 

To use another type-size container, the mailer would have to use PL MIN, PL FRC, and PL MAX, or CP MIN, CP FRC, and CP MAX, to set the amounts of mail to suit the non-pallet container being used.  Then MSP will make the non-pallet containers using the amounts specified.

And in the Mail.dat CSM file, even though the mailing may be using non-pallets, MSP will always populate CSM-1005 with a P for pallets.  If another type non-pallet container is being used, then the mailer would need to manually change the value, or use a third-party Mail.dat editor to make the change from P to the correct value.
UPDATED:  April 21, 2017