How to enable ZipMove for CODE-1 Plus and Finalist

 ZipMove is USPS data incorporated into the US Postal database and Finalist database for ZIP + 4 code.  It includes matching potential in situations in which ZIP Code realignments have taken place and a change in city name and/or finance number has occurred (which normally prevents address-matching software from determining the newly assigned ZIP Code). There is no option to disable this feature.  It is informational and will provide a flag to indicate if ZipMove data was used or not in matching. 

A ZipMove return code can be posted in CODE-1 Plus using the Z5 OUT parameter or in field P9OSFZ if calling C1MATCHx.  

For Finalist, the return code is shown in the General section of the Address Detail Report.  You can specify "ON" for the Address Detail Report Info field in the configuration file, or "ON" for cAddrDtlRptInfo in the PBFNSetupDef structure.
UPDATED:  April 19, 2017