How to Cut and Paste in Paramics V6

UPDATED: April 21, 2017

Following steps are used to cut and paste:-
  • Open Network in V5. While working in V6.3, network might appear strange (this is due to the addition of a line in the configuration file) but this will not effect the final output.
  • Set cut area
  • Select to keep inside or outside
  • Save As: to create a new network
  • Select Paste
  • Set Location
  • Save
  • Reopen in V6.


1. In V6 it is not possible to cut/paste network to merge two networks, to have this functionality added please log a request in our Feature Request page of the Customer Area of our website -

2. It is possible to merge networks in V5 of Paramics for the basic elements of the networks (node, link locations, etc).

3. As a result the best method is to create the basic layouts for the network in v5 or v6 (so if you have a network already created in v6 then it can be opened in v5). Then open the network in v5 and cut/copy paste as per product documentation until you have the basic network you want. This network can then be opened in v6 and final editing/refinement can be done.

4. v5 can be downloaded from the Customer Area of our website


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