How to tell how incoming notices are affected when the Confirm database is unavailable

Product Feature: Street Works

A Client has asked what will happen to incoming Street Works notices etc if the Confirm database is unavailable for any reason.

If just the Confirm database is unavailable, but the receiving EToN webservice is still available, then the incoming notices will attempt to process but will fail as they cannot connect to the database.

These notices will then be moved by the webservice process to the 'failed' folder specified in the webservice configuration.

These failed notices will need to be re-processed once the Confirm database is available using the Notice Reprocessor as defined in the help files.

If the receiving webservice is also unavailable then the originating organisation will receive an error saying that they cannot connect.

They will have to resend the notice once Confirm and the webservice are available. 
UPDATED:  September 29, 2017