How to find the Release Counts in Paramics

UPDATED: April 21, 2017

Using probability the number of actual releases will vary from the coded value in the demand file. This variance is reported in the Release Counts files gathered at:

Core Network Attributes -> Measurements -> Advanced -> Periodic ->Release Counts.

Statistically, smaller the demand values, larger the relative variance, therefore this should be considered when reviewing the actual releases. For example flows of 50 vph will show a larger relative variance than flows of 2000 vph, as each individual probability has a larger effect on the relative variance.

A vehicle that is blocked for release during the simulation counts one blocked release in the simulation without a release. The vehicle then is placed back in the stack of unreleased vehicles so that it can again attempt a release. In this way a vehicle can count for multiple blocked attempts and only one release count. 


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