Using Portrait Dialogue with an email delivery service.

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An Email Delivery Service is a service engaged to send large volumes of emails on behalf of a Sender (Customer).
Setting up PBEDS requires several layers of configuration, and several back and forth actions between the Sender and PBEDS.

It is necessary to engage with PB Services or PB Support to set up PBEDS on a Dialogue server.
There is an Onboarding Spreadsheet that serves as a checklist for all the steps.
There is also an Onboarding Document that explains the process and the details of the process of getting it all set up.

These are the main steps that are required in order to get PBEDS set up and working.  

SENDER action, Provide PBEDS with the following:
  • Information regarding campaign schedules, the expected volume of emails and the location of most email recipients.
  • The desired "From", "Bounce" and "Public" sub-domains to use
  • A list of the from email addresses that will be used.
  • The IP addresses of the Dialogue servers that emails will be sent from.
PBEDS action
  • Provide Sender with connection details for accessing the smtp service, along with user name and passwords specific to the Sender.
  • White-list the Dialogue servers.
SENDER action
  • Test the visibility of the outbound SMTP server
  • Configure the Dialogue Server to send emails using the SMTP service.
  • Test sending emails, checking volume per hour.
PBEDS action
  • Set up POP3 account for Bounce Handling
  • Provide Sender with connection details for accessing the POP3 service, along with user name and passwords specific to the Sender.
SENDER action
  • Provide IP address of the Dialogue server that will be handling bounce messages.
PBEDS action
  • White list the IP address of Senders Dialogue server that will be handling bounce messages
SENDER action
  • White-list POP3 account.
  • Test the visibility of the POP3 server.
  • Configure the Dialogue Server "Bounce Handling" to use the POP3 service.
  • Test Bounce Handling in Dialogue
PBEDS  action
  • Provide Sender with corresponding DNS records and SPF/DKIM
SENDER & PBEDS combined action
  • Create SPF record registration for subdomain for the sending SMTP gateway
  • Create MX record (this is required to ensure the bounce domain points to our server MX record)
PBEDS action
  • Activate custom-domains and DKIM signing
SENDER action
  • Configure suitable response for replies to “no-reply” emails
Onboarding documents will be provided by Software Support
There is a Word document which describes how it works and what all the parameters mean.
There is an Excel spreadsheet for gathering the required information for setting up a customer's Portrait Dialogue installation to work with PBEDS
UPDATED:  September 11, 2018