MailStream Plus - What is the correct date format for parameter RP INF CDAUTO?

The information mentioned in the MailStream Plus Reference Guide for parameter RP INF CDAUTO -
CDAUTO 10 SEG-1129 Automation Coded Date.Oldest 3553 coded date for automation of all lists used.
If the information data is left blank or contains *SYSDATE, the system date is used.
Use of the Mail.dat non-date “00010101” may jeopardize rate eligibility.

If you do not want the system date the format that you Must use is one of the three listed - YYYYMMDD, MM/DD/YYYY, or MM/DD/YY starting in [position 35] text area
example: RP INF                     CDAUTO YYYYMMDD
                                              CDAUTO MM/DD/YYYY
                                              CDAUTO MM/DD/YY
UPDATED:  September 20, 2017