MailStream Plus - How do you turned-off standard flat sacks and only trays?

The parameter ALG LV positions 14 and 16 control containers used in the MailStream plus application.  As a rule pieces that do not fit into the tray are placed into sacks.

The DMM references that apply to sacks and trays:
10.4.2 Required Sacking
A sack, or a letter tray under 3.0, must be prepared when the quantity of mail for a required presort destination reaches either 125 pieces or 15 pounds of pieces, whichever occurs first, subject to these conditions:

DMM 203.4.8:
4.8 Preparation for Standard Mail Flats in Letter Trays
Standard Mail flat-size pieces may be prepared in letter trays instead of sacks only if the following standards are met:

a. At least 90% of the mailing job must be claimed at automation prices or Enhanced Carrier Route prices. No more than 10% of the mailing job may be claimed at Presorted prices. The following minimum volumes for Standard Mail must be met:
UPDATED:  September 20, 2017