Indicating the Destination Entry Facility discounts DADC, DDU, DSCF or DNDC using MailStream Plus

Products Affected:  MailStream Plus™
On the xxx PT (ADC PT, ENT PT, NDC PT or SCF PT) parameter(s) being used, the following positions indicate that the mailing is eligible for entry discounts as indicated:

Position 58 - ADC discounts
Position 59 - DDU discounts
Position 60 - SCF discounts
Position 61 - NDC discounts
  • A 'Y' in the position indicates that the discount should be attempted, which means that the mailing will be physically  entered at the correct facility where it is eligible for the discount.   (The discount may be applicable or not based on the presort/regulations.)
  • The default value when positions 58-61 are blank is N (no discount).
  • Note: position 61 for NDC discount has two DNDC options.  Y which gives DNDC discounts to pieces in other than mixed-level trays, and X which also gives DNDC to mixed-level trays.  Use option X with caution.  In some instances, this option splits mixed-level trays and impacts report results.

In addition, position 64 is used to indicate the actual Entry Point Facility Type.  For more information, please refer to the MailStream Plus™ Guide.
UPDATED:  March 28, 2019