How to - What happens to First-Class and USPS Marketing Mail automation mail if it does not meet the USPS's minimum quantity to qualify for an Automation presort in MailStream Plus

 Products affected:  MailStream Plus 
Product Feature: Presorting Nonautomation pieces

Operating System: All Platforms

For First-Class mail, it requires 500 or more automation pieces to be eligible for an automation-level presort.  See DMM 233 5.1 b
For USPS Marketing Mail, it requires 200 pieces or 50 lbs of Automation mail to be eligible for an automation-level presort. See DMM 243 7.1 b   
(DMM references as-of Oct 2, 2015)

If there are *not* enough automation pieces to meet the minimum, then MailStream Plus will roll them down to be part of the non-automation group of mail (if any), and then MailStream Plus will determine if there is enough mail to meet the USPS minimums for a non-automation presort.

If there is still not enough mail to qualify for a presort at the non-automation presort level, then the mail will go at the single-piece rate.
UPDATED:  April 14, 2017