Learn about Link Speed behavior in Paramics network

UPDATED: July 30, 2018

'Link Speed' is defined as the prescribed speed limit on a link in the network. It is set by the category selected when it is created. Each individual link can have the link speed reset through:
  • Manual Editing - via the 'Editor Palette -> Link -> Core -> Core Attributes' can be used to influence the desired speed of vehicles on the link.
  • Coding of 'Speed Controls' on a link can influence the desired vehicle speed based on lane and vehicle type.
  • Curve Speed Factor - identifies the safe turning speed of a vehicle along a curved link based on the radius of the curvature and the Default Curve Speed Factor  as defined in the 'Core Network Attributes -> Configuration -> Advanced -> Core' and the category based on 'Curve Factor'.
The desired speed of a vehicle is drawn from observation that vehicles will tend to drive 10% faster than the Link Speed (speed limit). In this respect, the behavior model within Paramics influences the desired vehicle speed on an individual basis with the vehicles aggression value being the key parameter.


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