Learn about the role of Monitor outputs in handling fuel consumption and emissions in Paramics network

UPDATED: August 22, 2017

Fuel consumption and emissions are handled by Paramics Monitor, which calculates the levels of traffic emission pollution per link within the road network. 

Monitor integrates directly with the core Paramics simulation. By summing the total emissions for all vehicles on a link, it produces a detailed report to include core vehicle pollutant types such as:
•    Carbon Monoxide (mg/s)
•    Carbon Dioxide (mg/s)
•    Total Hydrocarbons (mg/s)
•    Oxides of Nitrogen (mg/s)
•    Fuel Consumption (ml/s)
•    Particulate Matter (micro g/s)

Noise emissions:-
Although there is currently no report produced for noise emissions, it could easily be projected as a quantifiable entity using Monitor the same way as fuel consumption and emissions are recorded.


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