How to know z/OS 2.2 platform compatibility support for MailStream Plus, Geotax, Geographic Coding Plus and Centrus products

UPDATED: March 30, 2017

The Communication Intelligence and Centrus Products Supported Platforms information is located on the support web site.
The document has a breakdown for many Products and the Certified Operating Systems versions for them.  

The current version of MailStream Plus 8.3.3 has been certified/tested for z/OS 1.13, 2.1 and 2.2.
See the latest Supported Platforms doc- Feb 2016.

The current version of Mail360 Manager 2.4.0 has been certified/tested for z/OS 1.13 and 2.1.

The current version of Finalist 2.1 has been certified/tested for z/OS 2.2.  The latest Supported Platforms doc- Feb 2016, does not reflect this information yet.

For Geostan, Geotax and GCP, Our standard procedure for mainframe support is to specify a minimum supported version. We don't specify a maximum, just a minimum supported version as noted in the current Centrus Supported Platforms document:

Current Minimum Supported Levels of IBM Mainframe Systems 
z/OS – 1.10 
z/OS Transaction Server (CICS) – 3.2 

We build and test on the minimum supported version to provide maximum support coverage/compatibility for our customers. We may be moving to specifically test on version 2.1 for the next release.  We have had the current release work on 2.1 and are not aware of any backward compatibility issues with z/OS 2.2.

Environment Details

Supported Platform:  z/OS
Products affected:  MailStream Plus Geotax Centrus Mail360 Manager Geostan


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