How to change the CODE-1 Plus and Finalist JCL to accommodate two database tapes

Operating System: z/OS
Products Affected:  Finalist, CODE-1 Plus

The following communication was sent on April 1, 2014:

Pitney Bowes Software is sending this communication to CODE-1 Plus™, Finalist®, and VeriMove™ z/OS customers to alert our customers to a change in the US Postal Database and Finalist® Database 3490E tape count. Previously, the US Postal Database and Finalist® Database were distributed on single 3490E tapes. The March US Postal Database and March Finalist® Database have both increased from single 3490E tapes to each being a two tape set.
As of March 2014, the US Postal Database and the Finalist® Database now reside on two tapes each. This change requires CODE-1 Plus™ customers to modify their US Postal Database install JCL and Finalist® customers to modify their DATAFILE install JCL. VeriMove™ customers should use the JCL appropriate to their CASS™ coding engine.
The following are examples of the changes needed for the database installation JCL. These examples are provided for illustration purposes only to assist you with this effort. The installation JCL changes required for your site may differ from these examples.

Sample of previous Finalist® installation JCL:

//                          UNIT=&UNIT,
//                          DCB=(LRECL=4088,BLKSIZE=32704,RECFM=FB),
//                          LABEL=(04,NL,EXPDT=98000),
//                          VOL=(,,,1,SER=(vol1))

Sample of new Finalist® installation JCL:
//                           UNIT=&UNIT,
//                           DCB=(LRECL=4088,BLKSIZE=32704,RECFM=FB),
//                           LABEL=(04,NL,EXPDT=98000),
//                           VOL=(,,,2,SER=(vol1,vol2))
CODE-1 Plus™

Add the G2FILE section below to load the two volume tape set of the US Postal Database.

//*    Input Tape Files
//                 UNIT=(devt,1,DEFER),VOL=(,RETAIN,,,SER=vol1),
//                 LABEL=(1,NL,,,EXPDT=98000),
//                 DCB=(RECFM=FB,LRECL=24576,BLKSIZE=24576)
//                 UNIT=AFF=G1FILE,VOL=(,RETAIN,,,SER= vol2),
//                 LABEL=(1,NL,,,EXPDT=98000),
//                 DCB=(RECFM=FB,LRECL=24576,BLKSIZE=24576)

UPDATED:  October 26, 2017