How To Determine What ALG PS position 26 does in MailStream Plus

How does the MailStream Plus (MSP) ALG PS position 26 work?
Define whether to change the entry point for FSS entry scheme pallets.
  Y Change the Entry Point of FSS Scheme Pallet.
  NOTE: If the current FSS entry point is not the facility where the FSS machine is located, 
              attempt to move the FSS scheme pallet to the facility where the FSS machine is located.

  N Do not change the Entry Point of FSS Scheme Pallet.
  blank Default is N.
If the Option on the ALG PS position 26 Change Entry Point of FSS Scheme Pallets is set to Y then MSP will look through all the entry points in the job and if one of those is the location of the FSS machines for that FSS then the FSS pallet will be moved to that entry point and the FSS Entry Discount (DFSS) will be assigned.  This entry point has to already exist with other records going to this entry point for the FSS pallet to be moved.  A new entry point for this FSS will not be generated.
Otherwise the FSS Pallet will stay at its current entry point and maintain the entry discount based on the entry point parameter card.
This parameter is for Flats mailings.
UPDATED:  April 20, 2017