Does MailStream Plus generate Facing Slips for Every Door Direct Mail?

Product Affected:  MailStream Plus™
No, MailStream Plus™ (MSP) does not  generate Facing Slips for Every Door Direct Mail mailings.
Even when you get the EDDM rate, the first line of the Facing Slips have this :
Under DMM – (current as of May 2019)
2.2.2 Facing Slips
Facing slips used on bundles of DALs must show the carrier route designation, the 5-digit destination ZIP Code, and the number of DALs for that carrier route. Facing slips used on bundles of Product Sample parcels must show the quantity in the bundle if less than 50 and this information:
a. Line 1: Destination city, two-letter state abbreviation, and 5-digit ZIP Code.
b. Line 2: Content (e.g., “STD MKTG SAMPLE) if accompanied by DALs bundled by carrier route, or contents followed by carrier route type and route number when not accompanied by DALs (e.g., “STD MKTG SAMPLE CR R 012”).
c. Line 3: City and two-letter state abbreviation of the origin Post Office.

There are not any specific rules for EDDM and what to place on a Facing Slip.
UPDATED:  May 14, 2019