Vault CMIS support

UPDATED: May 5, 2017

As of Vault 7.2, there is limited support for CMIS.

Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) is an OASIS standard for accessing

content repositories. It can be used by general purpose Enterprise Content Management

(ECM) clients to communicate to repositories of different types. The Vault CMIS Connector is

a component that exposes Vault document data via the CMIS specification.

The Vault CMIS connector at the 7.2 version level is only supported on the Websphere 8.5.5.

application server. The associated Vault system must be a Windows Vault system as the Vault

ODBC export is used. Also, some Vault features mentioned in this document are only available

in Vault release 7.2 and higher.

Attached to this article is the Vault CMIS Connector Installation Guide 7.2.pdf which contains full details regarding setup of this component.

Environment Details

Product Feature: Server

Operating System: Not stated

Database: Not stated

Configuration: Not stated


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