Controlling the creation of undersized entry pallets at SCF, ADC, and NDC/ASF entry points using the ALG PL parameter positions 36, 37, and 38 with MailStream Plus

Products affected:  MailStream Plus™
Product Feature: Palletization
Operating System: All Platforms
When a mailing is being entered at an SCF or ADC or NDC/ASF entry points, the USPS regulations allow undersized pallets to be generated at that entry facility level.  i.e. SCF pallets at SCFs, ADC pallets at ADCs, etc.

Whether to make them or not is controlled by ALG PL position 36 (SCF), 37 (ADC), and 38 (NDC/ASF.)

By default they are on or off per the following-
For SCF position 36-
Default is Y for First-Class, Y for Packages/bundles on Pallets, and N for Bags or Trays for all other mail classes.

For both ADC (position 37) and NDC/ASF (position 38)- 
Default is N for First-Class, Y for Packages/bundles on Pallets, and N for Bags or Trays.

The USPS default minimums for Under-sized Entry pallets are-  For weight-based pallets (packages/sacks) is 100 lbs.  For trays on pallets, the minimum is 6 2-ft trays.  (values given are current as-of Oct 2015)
These values can be changed using ALG PL positions 40-44 (for weight), and 50-54 (for trays.) 

Note regarding co-located facilities-
MailStream Plus™ reads values on the XXX PT parameters, to determine the entry point facility type. Also, the USPS Drop Ship file is checked to see if the locale code is a joint facility, such as both an NDC and SCF location.
In such a case, you may see undersized pallets for NDC and SCF to the one entry point. Palletization Plus does this before allowing undersized pallets for any of the “Allow Undersized Entry...” fields on this parameter.

*Additional note*
When a Y is used in positions 36 - 38, those entry points will ignore values on the PL MIN, CP MIN, PL FRC, and CP FRC parameters for those entry SCF, ADC, and NDC/ASF entry facilities and the corresponding pallet level.
The value in 40 – 44 is used when placing bundles or sacks on pallets. The value in 50 – 54 is used when placing trays on pallets.

UPDATED:  August 27, 2018