How to find where in the DMM does it present FSS (Flats Sequencing System) preparation and preparation options used by MailStream Plus

Products affected:  MailStream Plus
Product Feature: Flats FSS preparation

Operating System: All Platforms

FSS preparation regulations are in the Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) section 705 14.  (All DMM references and regulations are as-of Jan 2017.)
14.1 has General rules including when FSS bundles and pallets are to be made.
14.2 is specific rules for Periodicals including palletization.
14.3 is specific rules for USPS Marketing Mail including palletization.
14.4 is specific rules for Bound Printed Matter including palletization.
There are two levels of FSS Pallets (or alternate container) preparation, Schemes and Facilities.  Below is a sample of the first few lines of Labeling List L006 for the period effective April 1, 2017:
Column A                           Column B                        Column C
Destination ZIP Codes              Scheme Bundle/Container         Facility Container
Placard                            Placard                         Placard
01001, 01030, 01089                FSS Agawam MA 01001             FSS NDC SPRINGFIELD MA 055
01007, 01077, 01085                FSS Belchertown MA 01007        FSS NDC SPRINGFIELD MA 055
01013, 01020, 01022                FSS Chicopee MA 01013           FSS NDC SPRINGFIELD MA 055
01027, 01060, 01062                FSS Easthampton MA 01027        FSS NDC SPRINGFIELD MA 055
01028, 01106, 01118                FSS East Longmeadow MA 01028    FSS NDC SPRINGFIELD MA 055
01036, 01056, 01095, 01128, 01151  FSS Wilbraham MA 01095          FSS NDC SPRINGFIELD MA 055
01040, 01075                       FSS Holyoke MA 01040            FSS NDC SPRINGFIELD MA 055


*FSS Scheme* (column B) means all of the mail from ZIP Codes in each line in column A goes to one scheme as shown in column B.  So ZIP Codes 01001, 01030, and 01089 are in a single scheme that is labelled to FSS Agawam MA 01001. 
The same for the ZIP Codes in the other lines in Column A and B.
FSS Scheme bundles must be prepared per DMM 14.1-
Mailings that include 10 or more pieces of USPS Marketing Mail flats, 6 or more pieces of Periodicals flats, or 10 or more pieces (or 10 or more pounds) of BPM flats to an FSS scheme must be prepared in FSS scheme bundles. 
14.1e says about pallets-
An FSS scheme pallet, or approved alternate container, must be made when 250 pounds or more of bundles are available for an individual FSS scheme. Bundles remaining after palletization may be placed in sacks (or flat trays if approved) or approved alternate container.
So if there are 250 pounds to a FSS scheme. Then a pallet (or approved alternate container) must be made.
The DMM sections 14.2 .3 and .4 also say that a mailer *can* make a Scheme pallet at under 250 pounds as an option. 
"FSS scheme, required (optional under 250 pounds), no minimum..."
L006 column C is for FSS *Facilities*.  That’s different than a Scheme.  Scheme is the finer level.  An FSS Facility is where the FSS machine is, and each facility processes several FSS Schemes on it's machine.  
The mailer has an *option* to make FSS Facility pallets if they want to, which may contain mail to several schemes, as long as they all are processed at the same facility per L006 column C. 
DMM section 14.2 .3 and .4 say for Facility level pallets-
"FSS facility, optional, no minimum, permitted only for FSS scheme bundles prepared for the FSS sort plans processed within the same facility..."
By default MailStream Plus makes the optional FSS 'Facility' Pallets.  They can be turned off with a PL LVL parameter using the presort level ‘FSF’.
UPDATED:  April 19, 2017