How to center alignment of object in Content Author for eHTML

According to the section "HTML for e-mail" in the Designer Users Guide", "Only inline positioning is supported. Objects designed for anchored or fixed positions will automatically be changed to inline when using this device.

However, I also found the following in the section "Output device options for e-mail HTML" in the Designer Users Guide which indicates table may help with alignment of the image:
"Use table to position output:
This forces each page to be output in an HTML table element, which preserves the designed width of the page. The table itself will not be visible.
Alignment of table (where used):
If a table is used to position the output, this allows you to specify its alignment.  The effect of this setting will only be apparent if the window used to view the output is resized beyond the width of the table. This option would normally be used where the direction of text is right to left, to preserve an overall look. Default is left."
UPDATED:  April 10, 2017