Does MailStream Plus support using IMbs instead of IMpbs for STD Marketing Parcels in 5-digit/scheme containers or using IMbs instead of IMpbs for First-Class Priority Mail (when allowed)

Standard Mail Marketing Parcels
Quick Service Guide 240K (Sept 14 2015), in the Prices and Fees section, says-
"Standard Mail parcels prepared in 5-digit/scheme containers may optionally use an IMb in lieu of an IMpb (and a Mail.dat or Mail.XML file will be accepted in lieu of a Shipping Service File)."
MailStream Plus (MSP) does not support this option.

Priority Mail
For certain First-Class Priority mailings, with USPS authorization, IMbs can be used instead of IMpbs for First-Class Priority Mail.  See Quick Service Guide 220, section "Mail Preparation (225)-
"All commercial Priority Mail pieces (except letter and flat size pieces entered under an authorization to use an Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb)) must meet the requirements for use of unique Intelligent Mail package barcodes (IMpb) or an extra service IMpb."
The ALG PP parameter position 10=N is used for that option, and then IMBOUT parameter position 36-38 is left blank.
UPDATED:  April 19, 2017