Adding a legend to layout in MapInfo Pro

UPDATED: August 15, 2018

MapInfo Pro (32-bit):
1. With the Map window active, select Map > Create Legend.
2. Click on the Frame tool on the Drawing toolbar.
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3. In the Layout Window, click and drag a frame to the desired size.
4. Select the legend window from the pull-down list. Shrink or drag frame if the legend is not displayed correctly. Double-click on the frame to modify its properties if necessary.

MapInfo Pro (64-bit):
Select LAYOUT > Legend
1. Activate the Map within the Layout window by double-clicking on the map frame or right-click and select Activate. Once activated, the map frame will be outlined in blue.
2. Select MAP > Add to Map > Add Legend. 
3. Select the required layers and click OK.

When a map is embedded in a Layout window, any legends one creates for the map are also placed in the same Layout window. But users may want to add a legend after the map is in the Layout window.

To add a map legend to a layout that already contains a map:

  1. Open the Create Legend - Choose Layers dialog box by doing one of the following:
    • On the LAYOUT tab, in the Edit group, click Legend.
    • In a Layout window, right-click on the map frame and select Add Legends to open the Add Frames wizard.
    • Activate a map (right-click and select Activate) on the layout and then on the MAP tab, in the Content group, clickAdd Legends.
  2. Select the map layers that one would like to create a legend for and then click Finish, or click through the wizard to keep the default settings.

    For a detailed descriptions of the options in the wizard, click Help in the wizard.

By default, the legend is beside the map in the Layout window. A legend has separate legend frames for each layer on the map. This lets users customize the legend to show only the information for those layers that are important to what the map conveys. By showing some legend frames and not others and by changing the map title and legend text, one can use identical maps to create two very different layouts. This is useful when the same map is used for two different audiences.

You can delete a legend frame from a layout by selecting it and pressing the Delete key. To add a layer to a legend, because a user deleted the legend frame or did not include the layer when creating the legend, follow the steps in this section and select the layer that one wants to add in the Create Legend wizard.

Users cannot create a second legend in a layout for the same map layer.

Removing a layer from a map deletes the legend for that layer.

Editing a Legend in a Layout Window

A map legend in a Layout window is made up of individual legend frames that are each unique to a layer on the map. To customize your map legend, one would edit the contents of the legend frames to support the design of the final map and to clearly communicate the map contents to the reader.

Each legend frame may have a title and subtitle. One can edit the label text, change the font size and style, and change the sample size. Users also have control over how to sort the labels.

To edit the contents and display of a legend frame:

  1. Double-click on the legend frame to open the Legend Frame Properties dialog box.
  2. Change or remove the title. Optionally add a subtitle, change the display of the labels and the sample size. For a detailed description of the dialog options, click Help.

    For some legend themes, one can control the order of the rows in the legend (by ascending, descending, or customizing the order), and show or hide the count beside each row.

  3. Repeat the previous steps for each legend frame that one wishes to change in a layout.

To have more than one column in a legend frame, either set the number of columns in the Legend Frame Properties dialog box or resize the legend frame.

To modify how a thematic legend displays, right-click on it and select Modify Legend's Thematic Map to open the Modify Thematic Map dialog box. Users can then customize the display properties of the thematic map legend. This option is only available on a thematic map legend frame.

For a demonstration of these steps, please watch this video:

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