Configuring the Reports section for Content Author

Products Affected: Content Author
Product Feature: Content Author configuration
Database: SQL Server
While configuring Content Author through Content Author Configuration Manager, Report Server details also need to be filled in Reports section. Please see the screenshot below:

User-added image

Report Server URL needs to be specified here provided that the Report Server is already configured.  The Content Author Configuration Manager (just the reports section) needs to be run on the server on which Reporting Services is enabled.

To check if the Report server is configured properly, browse the below URL in Internet Explorer. Please note that the Internet Explorer should be run as an Administrator.


Note: If Report server is configured locally then use "locahost" otherwise use the IP address.

It should display like below if the Report server is configured properly:

User-added image

If it is not configured properly then it will show "Page cannot be displayed" or some other error.

If Internet Explorer is displaying "Page cannot be displayed" then basic troubleshooting can be done to check if the Report server is configured properly in Reporting Services Configuration Manager. 

Open and connect to Reporting Services Configuration Manager. This should be available in the Configuration tools of the SQL server.

--> Check the service account. This account is used to access Report Server so required permissions should be provided. We can use inbuilt accounts "Network Service" or "Local service" to test the Report Server.
--> Check the Database configuration of the Report server. Database and credentials to access the database should be properly configured.

If any of these settings is not configured properly then Report Server URL will not be accessible.

If discrepancy is found in any of the above entries then back up the encryption key and delete it.

Now give the details of the service account and database. Apply the changes and try to browse the Report Server URL again.

If Report Server URL is still not accessible then please contact SSRS administrator to configure the Report Server.
UPDATED:  July 11, 2018