Running the sample job for MailStream Plus on UNIX and Linux

Product Affected: MailStream Plus™ 
Operating System: UNIX or Linux

How do you run the test job on Unix for MailStream Plus™?
Find where MailStream Plus (MSP) is installed:
Find the bin directory
Find the setup file and issue the appropriate source command to set up the environment:
 . bin/setup for Bourne shells,
or source bin/setup.csh for C shell scripts.

Locate the scripts runmsp and the sample job called ivp.job
Then to run the ivp.job run this command:
./runmsp ivp
Then the output files are written to the (PBMSP)/msn/data directory

More information is located in the mailstream-plus-vxxx-install-guide

The above information is current for MSP 8.3.7
UPDATED:  May 7, 2019