How to generate encrypted password using AESEncryption.bat in E-messaging for EngageOne

Product Feature: AESEncryption

E-messaging provides the functionality to generate encrypted password using tool called AESEncryption. It is made available along with E-messaging. The encrypted password can be used while integrating with LDAP.

Refer "How to setup LDAP with Emessaging" to know details.

Follow the instructions to generate encrypted password:

1) Open command prompt and browse where AESEncryption.bat resides.Prompt will appear as below :

User-added image

2) Enter the password to be encrypted  and prompt will produce encrypted password.

User-added image


  • Ensure JAVA_HOME is correctly set. If issue is observed on running the batch command, copy the folder "AESEncryption" where java.exe resides and generate the password.
  • Password is dependent on key and value which are to be set in present under folder AESEncryption. It is possible to modify the key value to generate different encrypted password.
  • This feature is available only after 1.4 M3.


UPDATED:  September 13, 2017