How to understand Security Hardening for EToN Transfers via HTTPS in Confirm

Product Feature: Street Works
A customer reviewed, in October 2015, the changes required to handle the security changes that will be occurring over the next 6 months with regards to EToN transfers and requested clarification on the following query: 

"Our current understanding is that we will need to communicate to Confirm for Street Works using https and so will other Street Works promoters for similar EToN transactions. We are also currently assuming that if a utility is not using https at the moment they will not be required to set up a secure web service to receive EToN messages from the point that the security hardening changes have been put in place. 

Please verify that this assumption is correct or inform us otherwise."


The Confirm Engineers provided the following response:

"It is not required not have a Https service for receiving Notice sent from Confirm. A regular http service will work as fine."

UPDATED:  September 28, 2017