How to handle mailpiece detection with Mail Merge feature and Settings Group in OfficeMail

Printer Driver can use either Mail Merge auto-detect or Settings Group to capture mailpiece within a document.
Printer Driver tries a best guess at what it thinks is a “repeated” page and hence the start of a new mail piece.
It gets no explicit info from the system when printing that tells it the start of a new mail piece.
The algorithm employed determines how many identical text blocks there are on the page (text content and position of text have to match) and if there are more than a certain minimum of matches, then the flag gets set that this is a match and the start of another mail piece.
Multiple pages document can look like repeated pages to us, it may consists of slight differences across pages.
e.g. the text is shifted slightly vertically so those text blocks are strictly speaking not identical to the text block on the previous pages and won’t count and the page is not the start of a new mail piece.
e.g. for many pages there are not enough text items
It is always going to be a best guess/compromise - how many matches should we use: too many and no mail pieces will be found, too few and we will get too many false positives.
We have investigated how we could improve the algorithm but as yet have found no really robust way to do this.

Another more robust way to handle mailpiece detection is Settings Group, where it allowed user to specify exactly what text to look for and where on the page.
Please note that the created Settings Group configuration need to applicable for all pages.
So user will need to be careful with the text positioning at all pages; if text in concern not covered by the defined area, Settings Group too will fail the mailpiece detection.
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UPDATED:  April 12, 2017