How to check Printer Driver connection to the admin Server in OfficeMail

First of all, please cut and paste following link (root URL) into a web browser and check if it connects i.e. the link found at the bottom of the Printer Driver.

Then check the connection using "nmap" command.
When checking connection between client's end (Printer Driver) and OfficeMail Server (host), the "netstat" command is not applicable because it only scans local ports.

The "nmap" command can scan remote ports e.g. run following at command prompt:
nmap -p 80,8080

It is required to install the "nmap-6.49BETA5-setup-xp.exe" from following link in order to have the "nmap" feature:

This will also provide the Windows version of nmap called “Zenmap” and it has a nice topology tab that shows all the hops between it and the server, which consists of filtering or blocking traffic info from the client side.

Failing to connect from Printer Driver is often due to:
- proxy server
- firewall
Environment Details
Products Affected: OfficeMail
UPDATED:  May 9, 2017