How to download and install Routefinder

UPDATED: September 11, 2017

As delivery an eStore download link is provided and to follow the 5-Step Checkout Process is needed:

    1. Click on the link provided to begin processing your download.
    2. Determine if you want to add backup media to your order for a fee; if not, click on the Checkout button.
    3. If you are a first time user of the e-Store, complete the New Customer section on the right of the Customer Information screen by supplying your email,
        creating an eStore password and your business address information. If you have used the e-Store before, simply log into the Existing Customer section
        with your email address and eStore password. 

Payment information (bottom of the form) is only required if you are ordering backup media or have otherwise purchased something additional. If this is the case, your total will be greater than zero. If all you are doing is downloading your software, no payment information will be needed.

Click on the Continue button. 
    4. Click on Skip Registration on the VAT Registration page.
    5. Verify your order and amend if necessary. If the download order is accurate, click on the Submit button.
        You will be taken to an Order Confirmation/Thank You page where you can click on the Begin Download button to receive your upgrade. You will also receive an email confirmation.

Note! To run Routefinder you will need to download and install the Software, currently MapInfo Routefinder 4.12, and the Routing Network, MapInfo RouteFinder Standard or Premium.

  • Please just run the downloaded installer with full admin rights (right click > Run as Administrator) to install the software and routing network.
  • After the installation of the software the provided LIC file (mapinforoutefinder4.lic) should be placed in the installation directory. By default this is:  "C:\Program Files (x86)\MapInfo\MapInfo RouteFinder 4.12" (version number changes) 
  • For the installation of the network administrators need to know that the user needs to have write access to the installation folder to run MapInfo Routefinder without errors. This might mean that the default installation path for the routing network (C:\Program Files(x86)\Pitney Bowes – Data) must be changed or the files should be copied to a directory (locally) where the user has read/write access to.
  • Besides this MapInfo Professional 32 bit (version 11.5 or higher) needs to be installed to run Routefinder.  

Environment Details

Product: MapInfo Routefinder 4 
Product Feature: Download and Install


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