Downloading and installing MapInfo Routefinder

Product: MapInfo Routefinder™ 
Product Feature: Download and Install
Note! To install and run Routefinder, users will need to download and install the Software, currently MapInfo Routefinder 5.15, and the Routing Network, MapInfo RouteFinder Standard or Premium.
In addition they will need to be provided with a license from PB Fulfillment.

  • Run the downloaded installer with full admin rights (right click > Run as Administrator) to install the software. .
  • After the installation of the software, the provided LIC file (i.e. mapinforoutefinder5.lic) should be placed in the User=specific folder. By default this is:  "C:\Users\<login name>\AppData\Roaming\MapInfo\RouteFinder5" (version number changes) 
  • For the installation of the network, the user downloads the RouteFinder Network purchase (Standard or Premium) from the SDM (Software Data Marketplace) and then unzips the contents to the desired folder. When the app is launched within MapInfo Pro, the user would select "open network" and browse to the "links" tab file from the folder where the Network data was unzipped. 

When RouteFinder starts, it looks for the MFAL dll to determine if it should act as the PB version ("MapInfo Routefinder").
After that .dll check, the mbx knows which license file to look for. Renaming / editing license files will not work (in case anyone should try).

Primary location of license file:

If no file is found here, the mbx looks in the secondary location:

If in doubt which version is running, open the about box and look for product name, company logos and copyright text.
Update Jan. 2019:
For the most recent download links and information on RouteFinder software, go here
For a list of RouteFinder bug fixes, go here

NOTE: There are 2 distinct versions of RouteFinder available, and each version is available in either 32-bit or 64-bit :

The correct version for MapInfo Pro users is "MapInfo RouteFinder"

"Correct" version for Pro users:
"MapInfo RouteFinder", is sold by Pitney Bowes and Pitney Bowes provides the needed license files.
This version uses the MFAL library 15.0 for writing TAB files.
"Wrong" version for Pro users:
"RouteFinder for MapInfo" is sold by RouteWare and they provide the needed license files for.
This version uses the open source MITAB library for writing TAB files.
Installer is available from the RouteWare website.
License file: routefinder4.lic / routefinder5.lic

UPDATED:  January 22, 2019